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Smart Estimate Service

Smart Estimate Service

Using today’s technology to get you an estimate tomorrow.

Statewide Construction and Roofing LLC’s offers our Smart Estimate Services, utilizes a combination of tools to create your roof system estimate in 24 hours. We leverage satellite technology and drone cameras to inspect your existing roof and then generate your new roof system estimate.

Your free estimate begins with your request and providing us with the necessary information; Name, Email, Phone, Address, City and your message or comments.

Secondly we will follow up with you and to review your request. Then make a satellite review of the location for access and other details.

After confirming your information we will schedule a visit to make a physical inspection of the current roof system. In most case we will utilize our camera drone to take phone and review what we see with you.

Drone Camera Roof Inspection

Drone Roofing Inspection for Smart Estimate 3
Drone Roofing Inspection for Smart Estimate
Drone Roofing Inspection for Smart Estimate 4
Drone Roofing Inspection for Smart Estimate 2

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